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Your blowdry is your everything—it’s your beauty safety blanket, and frankly, it sums up all your hotness in one fabulous layer atop your head. You can’t spend all your time in the beauty salon getting re-blown just to keep your ever-gorgeousness going. So, we asked top hair pros to share exactly how they put new life into old blows to stretch the voluminous, sexy appearance a little longer. “Do you believe people have time to stay in a stylist’s chair every single time they need to maintain ablowout? No, and they still have to run around in their regular life with flawless, bouncy hair, so I teach my clients a few easy tricks to help keep their hair in perfect form as long as possible,” says Ronen Marciano, stylist at Eva Scrivo Salon in New York City. After the second time, he states, it’s imperative to clean your hair from root to tip. “It may be counter-intuitive because you’ll be breaking up the waves or style you had developed in the salon,” he claims, “but you’ll be distributing your natural oils from root to tip which helps give natural shine, vitality, and takes away from the heaviness that happens at the root.”

Another strategy? Start big, then work your way to sleek. “Day one can be a big hair love affair, but after a couple of times of brushing your hair away, you should have a flat iron on hand to smooth out the small frizzes that come from showering and moisture, and to give a light, smoothing gloss over the entire mind,” Marciano claims. A side component or low ponytail will work well a couple of times in. As for products, skip them—aside from dry shampoo. “You don’t desire to add weight to the hair if you don’t plan to wash it instantly,” Marciano claims.

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Celeb stylist Nelson Vercher of Rita Hazan Salon suggests an under-the-radar tip. “Use an aerosol spray with alcohol,” he advises. “Spray lightly at the root. Only do this one to two times maximum before you get another blowdry.” The alcohol will sop up sufficient oil to help keep your hair weightless for another few days, but Vercher stresses using this method infrequently to lessen danger of over-drying hair follicles.

If you've got naturally straight, smooth hair, you might want to try his effortless, beach hair formula that’ll look great regardless of season. “Mist water extremely gently throughout hair,” Vercher says. “Connect it straight back in a high bun and allow it dry entirely. Take it down and shake it out and carefully comb into spot.” That’s advice you can count on.

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